And yet one more time…

Little Big Planet!

It is probably one of the most common shouts in videogame awards through this last year. Since its release in October 2008 this game has caught the imagination of many PSN users and gave PS3 a ‘I must absolutely get this game’ exclusive title.  Nothing more can be said that hasn’t been said about LBA. Incredible art design, intelligent cooperation (or not) between players, great user content possibilities…

Media Molecule have stuffed themselves with awards but it seems the game still lives on. Yesterday they were awarded by the BAFTA Children’s awards 2009 as best game and this sums up to more than 20 different awards worldwide without counting critic and runners up awards.

It beat runners up Bloom Box: Bash Party, de Blob and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

Although normally maybe this would not be an award to keep in much consideration as a gamer, it is worthy of mentioning that a game like LBA is capable of winning this prize when having a huge number of adult players within its ranks which shows its appeal to everyone.

Games can still be creative for the player and yet simple at the same time!

Congrats to the guys at Media Molecule!

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