The Gods must be kinda crazy

Alright then.

I love videogames…  How many times have you thought that?

For what it seems, people go further than that! This happened more than a week ago but it literally blew my mind. Apparently, this japanese guy that named himself for the wedding as Sal9000 married a girl named Nene Anegasaki. Okay, apart from the guy’s choice for the name nothing strange. It comes out that this girl is a character from a Nintendo DS game titled Love Plus.

Maybe I should reconsider my relationship and stalk the Dead or Alive girls before someone bests me…

You can watch the whole report on a youtube video and show your shock & awe at this crazy world.

Other stuff is the statement made by 2 Switzerland human rights groups named Trial and Pro Juventute after making a study of human rights violations within videogames where they put young players to play among others Call of Duty 4, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Far Cry 2. The object of the study was to see which videogames broke human rights…, they ended saying something like this:

“The practically complete absence of rules or sanctions is nevertheless astonishing: civilians or protected objects such as churches or mosques can be attacked with impunity, in scenes portraying interrogations it is possible to torture, degrade or treat the prisoner inhumanely without being sanctioned for it and extrajudicial executions are simulated,” finishing with, “At least a few games punish the killing of civilians or reward strategies that aim to prevent excessive damage.”

No harm done lads, from now on designers will make sure to reflect the fantasy world and leave cruelty for the real one. Two human rights groups didn’t find anywhere in the world were they could justify their funding better? weird… Games don’t justify violations, they just reflect reality as any other media does but they decided to focus on video games due to the “interactivity”. Oh well…

Last (but not least) is a set of new peripherals for the Wii for the ‘games’  Cyberbike and My Body Coach feauturing a static bike (yes you read well) and a pair of 500g dumbells respectively.

With all this going on I’m almost curious to see what comes out next!!!!! Maybe we will have a ping pong table wii peripheral for next year to make company to the tennis rackets!!! Or a straw hat for making fatalities in Mortal Kombat!!! Yay!!!

Remember… Ayame is mine!

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