Spike Video Game Awards and exclusives

Spike’s VGAs of 2009 are ready to start December 12th and in the meanwhile a couple of world exclusives have been announced that are bound to be more in the next few days plus 2 secret revelations.

The game exclusives announced are those of Crackdown 2, a new Star Wars game, Tron, Halo Reach and the new Medal of Honor. Halo Reach needs no presentation by now and will be probably be one of the most successful previews of the show.

Crackdown 2 is being developed by Ruffian games which is a studio founded by 2 ex members of Realtime Worlds (the studio responsible for the original Crackdown that is now working on APB) and for what it seems it will follow the gameplay style set by the original adding a mysterious virus outbreak that will surely spice things up.

The new Medal of Honor seems to have learned from the Call of Duty 4 modern setting and will be set in Afghanistan  and will be featuring “an intense single player campaign” which is being developed by EALA, aka Pandemic leftovers, and a “compelling multiplayer” which has been given to EA Dice.

Apart from these already known announcements there have been two mysterious trailers without title.

The first one reminds of an I am Legend or Fallout set out of devastation and apocalypse. My first guesses where for Fallout MMO or Fallout: New Vegas but that isn’t possible since the only thing we know is that it’s a 2K Games shooter so after doing some checking out I think we might be finally announced the new Duke Nukem game although we could be talking about a new IP altogether…

The second one I think is quite obvious so I will state my bet on Stranglehold 2 due to the Hong Kong police badge and the trailer’s visual style. If you have any thoughts feel free to comment!

If you want to air your opinion about which games deserve to win you can still vote in Spike VGA web.

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