Bayonetta first impressions

This game is probably one of the most anticipated games that are due for next year especially for those that have followed the Devil May Cry series and its creator Hideki Kamiya of Platinum games. For these last users the game will be in many aspects very familiar especially those reguarding aesthetics and level design. This game has clearly been created with a love for detail in every aspect. The beautiful level design and its colour palette is incredible varied and the graphics and animations are top notch. Another thing that strikes is the choice of music that, though weird, it goes along with the main character and the game’s action very well.

But lets go to what really cares which is the game’s controls. As you begin you are given the choice of a tutorial where the basic moves are shown. It brings some mayor differences in the way DMC was controlled and it manages to feel really new and refreshing, but at the same time it feels extremely familiar. There is a punch and a kick button and also a long range shooting button. Shooting can also be achieved via maintaining either the punch or the kick buttons (which uses the guns attached to the boots) and both punch and kick buttons can be combined in many ways to make a really impressive list of combos which can all of course be meddled together into one ferocious mega combo. Witch time is also shown in the tutorial and it changes the charge and press a button system of the DMC series with a much more dynamic system: evade just before being hit. This makes the player take risks to favor spectacularity as well as of gaining an advantage over your enemies. Though clear, the tutorial is not enough to prepare the player for what is next. The first stage the demo shows is confusing the first time it is played due to the amount of things going on and the enemies surrounding you that don’t seem to diminish. Though extremely confusing for a first timer,  this shows the essential potential in the game as you shoot, punch, kick and evade enemies at full speed while finishing off certain enemies with special torture moves and punish moves. The game becomes incredibly intuitive although it tends to be a button masher at the beginning as you are too pressed by the situation to actually think what it is you’re doing. After this madness the intro comes about showing this last stage was all a dream. A highlight in Hideki Kamiya’s games have always been the cut scenes and Bayonetta ain’t no exception. They change the coolness sensation in DMC for a deal lot more sensuality exploiting all the main character’s “attributes” and the unique graphic style in the game. The excellent use of colour and maps is really beautiful… artistic I would say. In fact, artistic is the best way to describe all the demo. And incredibly stylish…

In the second stage there is a chance to stop and look around. The game shows humans as if they were ghosts which hints on Bayonetta’s power of seeing through reality (she is a witch after all). The calmness is broken by a group of enemies and a presentation of the same showing you the name and kind of enemy. These fights will seem quite easy compared to the first stage but the feeling of control is increased (so is the satisfaction) and you get to understand how the torture moves work. The torture moves are special one hit finishing moves that can be used after filling up the magic gauge by kicking some ass without getting yours kicked and press the punch and kick buttons at the same time; after, you get to fill a bar which essentially gets you more points. They come in a variety of shapes, each one deadly and very spectacular. These moves are really well implemented into the action and are fun to watch. Apart from the amazing set of combos you can actually pick weapons from dead enemies which increases the game variety as each weapon has a different set of attacks (one ranged the other melee usually) and we can obviously expect the character power up. After those you get a chance of kicking a really big ass and the first glance of a boss fight and really cool finishing move.

There isn’t much more of the demo to see as you cross a couple of doors, kick some ass and get swayed about by a another big monster.

In resume I believe this game seems to be all that was promised; there is still the character progress to be shown and more game modes but the game seems to be challenging enough and much faster than DMC ever was. The presentation of the title and its action will make this a must have for all DMC action game fans and hopefully the beginning of a new set of action games with high standards.

The demo can be downloaded from XBOX Live and PSN. My recomendation is to give it a try! If you liked Devil May Cry, you’re gonna love Bayonetta.

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