OnLive games-on-demand service could be dead before being born

Since last year when games-on-demand service OnLive, the games streaming service promised gamers access to high profile PC games that maybe their computer couldn’t handle. Cutting it short, a platform where you can play any PC game without having to worry about its min reqs.

In the beginning many were awed by the possibility of not having to spend 1000 euros on the latest PC graphic card (except for sure nVidia and AMD… XD) but as the launch date nears (it was scheduled for 2010) there haven’t been many more news and skepticism is high within the industry.

Take Two chairman Strauss Zelnick commented on the OnLive service stating that ‘ it doesn’t reflect their business’ and he did the following statement referring to its functionality:

“If you believe that that’s going to occur – and I don’t need to opine because it doesn’t really speak to our business model – that would meaningfully and beneficially transform the economics of our business. Why? Because we’d create for one platform, not multiple platforms, we wouldn’t create inventory, we wouldn’t have price protection and you wouldn’t have trucks.”

Also, today a new games-on-demand service was announced with a pay TV business model. Playcast has been said to work with no latency (my most utter respect but this seems hard to believe) problems and it will work as an extra service for pay TV providers such as Sky.

Doubts, competitors… all this sums up to the poor internet services in certain countries which would probably cause this project to collapse. What would happen when the next Call of Duty launches for OnLive and 8 million people are connected to play online? boh, I’ll leave it there.