PS3 Firmware 3.15 will allow access to PSP ‘minis’

PS3 new Firmware highlights have been announced which include a Data Transfer from one PS3 to another and the possibility of playing PSP ‘minis’ on the big screen.

‘Minis’, for those who don’t know, are small, casual oriented games (usually under 100 Mb) that were launched on the Playstation Network alongside the PSPgo. ‘Minis’ for the PS3 will be available on the Playstation Store in the coming weeks and for those in possession of both a PSP and a PS3 who have already bought some ‘minis’ they will be able to play them in both systems.


Yakuza 3 announced for Europe and the US

Sega Europe and Sega of America have announced that the Japanese mafia videogame exclusive for the PS3 will be released in western markets in March 2010. The game will be released with the original Japanese voice cast with subtitles thanks to the insistence of the fans to bring this game to the west. Sega European Marketing Director Gary Knight commented:

“Yakuza 3 was one of the most requested titles for localisation by our European SEGA community, so we are delighted to be able to fulfill their wishes with this announcement.”

Meanwhile, Yakuza 4 will be released in Japan about the same time we get Yakuza 3 so we can expect this PS3 exclusive will eventually come as well (if the fanbase community is insistent enough…).