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In a recent article by John Gaudiosi in the Reuters webpage, education on videogames was a growing possibility. Its true that kids today are easily uninterested by studies by all these flashing light information displayed on screen, so this move isn’t all that bold or stupid as many might think. The trick is, obviously, make sure they don’t make a really shitty game cause, lets face it, kids nowadays now far too much about videogames maybe and a game can be in occasions just as boring as going to school.

Immune Attack

Immune Attack

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) have a games developer (named Escape Hatch Entertainment) which have created a game named Immune Attack where the goal is, basically, activate proteins in veins with a laser in a first person shooter.If you are interested the game can be downloaded here.

UCLA’s Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and the Walters Art Museum also teamed up with the FAS to create Discover Babylon. This game’s objective is to show the significance of Mesopotamia in world culture using library and museum objects. You can get it here.

I admit I am skeptical about all this. Traditionally, educational games I’ve tried haven’t kept me on-screen more than 5 minutes with the grand exception of Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? which absorbed many hours of my childhood and some others that you can call more a normal

Discover Babylon

Discover Babylon

game than an educational one like Civilization (WTF? 5am already!!!??? game).

The idea of having people that previously censored games as developers is a bit ironic at first, but the larger picture isfar more interesting and will undoubtedly help overall

acceptance of videogames in today’s culture apart from really showing these kids something they would probably reject if taught in a regular way. Truth is, there are many websites dedicated to educational games giving quite a large set of options, though quality in these games is not the primary target…

The question is, can these people understand what is a fun game? I guess we will see.

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