Ryanair and Milan Orio al Serio airport mess up

Okay, first of all, this has nothing to do with games this on so…

Second, I would like to protest for the shameless attitude of both the Milan airport and Ryanair.

I am one (of many many) that spent a whole day (and night) in Orio al Serio airport because my flight to Madrid that was supposed to leave at 15:50 was cancelled. There is more to it than that.

At 16 we board the plane and spend more than 3 hours waiting for the plane to leave. The flight commander told us every hour what was going on as the snowing got worse by the second. First mess up: after 3 hours they decide we can get some water… if you pay 3 Euros for the bottle… 30 mins later, we’re off the plane and back to the terminal. The estimated departure time is for 21 so we wait aside to another 10 (at least) posponed flights.

At 21:15, there hasn’t been an announcement of any kind and people grow restless because it seems quite obvious no one is going to leave. The only people that were available to ask something were some airport employees which took the bother to answer all the questions of many clueless passengers. Ryanair personel was nowhere to be seen in the terminal and they didn’t make an official announcement till 22:30 when all the flights were cancelled… except those for madrid and rome which had been suspended. A suspended flight means very much that you are screwed, since you cannot change your flight nor leave the airport because this could change asap. at 00, all flights are definitely suspended because of bad weather conditions and the airport clears the embarking area and everyone is led to the check-in area.

2 things happen now. The Ryanair counter is found to be closed since 22:30 and will not open till 6 while more than a 1000 infuriated people bang on the glass in search for an option. A rumor starts spreading saying that you can actually change free-of-charge your flight for another from the webpage but… surprise! the web is closed till 2 AM due to maintainence…

By now, the snow is so thick that there is no way to leave the airport whatsoever (the superb italian police, in the meantime, tells us to go home and not to stay in the airport… aha… and they still ironically wish us a good trip…). People lay about everywhere, and the heating system is’t turned on.

people slept anywhere they could

At 2 AM, a surrounded internet point (by now people were just buying any ticket they could and transfering to other airports to get out of there) is taken to find out that, according to the website, all flights cancelled to Madrid have been ‘on time’. Time to cue at the Ryanair ticket office with another 1000 people and wait for it to open.

At 6 AM, the ticket office opens and the battle for a place in the cue begins. I call it cue to say something, because it really is a huge mob gathering around the 3 booths that opened fighting  to be attended first while security and police watch, laugh, put some poles to delimit the “cue” from the narrow passage for people to get from one side of the airport to another and cross their arms to watch the people kill each other for a spot.

At 7 AM, Civil protection arrive with water and blankets (which I didn’t get a chance to see even) and the airport ‘kindly’ offers some free hot beverages. This is good, but it could have been 10 hours earlier when people were cold and there was no heating system. By now most people have realized that to get a place in this ‘italian cue’ they have to fight for it and a lot of tension starts up little disputes here and there (security and police still do nothing…).

the 'cue'

At 9 AM, police feel they have to work a bit and start randomly organizing a cue but only for one of the counters, the rest of them were still under nature’s law (were I was) and half an hour later the group who I had gathered with manage finally to get our tickets leaving for Granada that morning which for what I know is one of the only flights that actually made it out of that mess.

The plane left around 13 hours… I didn’t care where the f*** it took me as long as it got me out of there… and I was lucky. Many people were relocated in flights due for the 27th or later and most of the tyesterday’s flights didn’t leave neither.

From here I just wanted to protest avidly for the lack of human touch Ryanair has had with all passengers and the terrible management of Orio al Serio Bergamo airport which s*cked ass in all the ways possible. What was done well, was done much to late, and the this-doesn’t-go-with-me air of all security and police present was oblivious. A fine example of how Italy works nowadays: Terrible.

I personally will never buy another ticket from Ryanair, and I recommend anyone to do as much. As for Bergamo airport, they better improve… a lot.

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