Valve releases Left 4 Dead 2 mod tool

Last wednesday we saw Valve release the apps for the modding community to create mods for the recently released Left 4 Dead 2. The first game received quite a lot of support by the community and Valve is expecting a similar welcome on this new installment.

The tools are available via steam.

Meanwhile most players keep asking for it: Valve give us all some good news and bring us Half Life 2: Episode 3 this year!!!!


Final Fantasy XIII boosts PS3 sales

The special Final Fantasy XIII PS3 is boosting the sales in Japan of the console.

FFXIII has sold 1.5 million units in its first day which is already quite a feat, but its also boosting PS3’s popularity in Japan were it wasn’t at its best.

No More Heroes 2 web finally released

Well, we can now have the certainty that this game will make it into the market (yes!). Dual beam Katanas and plenty of violence for the Wii!

Check it out here!

Take two sell Jack of All Games

The distribution company will be sold shortly to  the Synnex Corporation for $43 million.

After the 11.6% share bought by Icahn, rumors of a possible selling of Take Two continue to grow. This is probably an attempt to improve last year’s dissapointing results as Take Two saw its dividends fall by 30%.

Dead Space 2 3D image

A 3D image using Microsoft Silverlight has been released were Isaac Clarke can be seen fighting off some Necromorphs (supposedly).

You can check it out here.

Dante’s Inferno demo arrives in Xbox Live Marketplace

Dante’s Inferno demo for the Xbox 360 was released yesterday 2 weeks after the PSN release. The game is still scheduled for the 5th February feautring both the divine and the death special editions (for PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively).