55 hours of GTA IV

David Scherer, 19, has said to have spent 55 straight hours playing GTA beating the previous record of 40 hours and 20 minutes. Hell, he’s even set a PayPal account to receive donations which are to go to his swimming team ‘The Swimming Eagles’ and is asking for recognition by the Guiness book of records.

Anyone feel they can do more?


EA announces deal with 3 electronic manufacturers

The companies include Sakar International Inc., based in Edison, N.J.; Germany’s Sunflex Europe; and Accessories 4 Technology Ltd., based in the U.K. and will produce the new set of accesories presumably for the EA Sports Active series to try to pursue the success of Wii Fit.

It seems we can expect more crazy peripherals for the Wii…

Bioshock 2 will give you an extra $10 in Amazon

Amazon has announced that those that pre-order Bioshock 2 either for the PS3 or the Xbox 360 with them will receive a $10 discount on other games. The war is up and retailers fight for gamer’s choice!

Bioshock 2 will be available from the 9th February.

Happy new year!

… and merry hangover…

Valve releases Left 4 Dead 2 mod tool

Last wednesday we saw Valve release the apps for the modding community to create mods for the recently released Left 4 Dead 2. The first game received quite a lot of support by the community and Valve is expecting a similar welcome on this new installment.

The tools are available via steam.

Meanwhile most players keep asking for it: Valve give us all some good news and bring us Half Life 2: Episode 3 this year!!!!

Final Fantasy XIII boosts PS3 sales

The special Final Fantasy XIII PS3 is boosting the sales in Japan of the console.

FFXIII has sold 1.5 million units in its first day which is already quite a feat, but its also boosting PS3’s popularity in Japan were it wasn’t at its best.

No More Heroes 2 web finally released

Well, we can now have the certainty that this game will make it into the market (yes!). Dual beam Katanas and plenty of violence for the Wii!

Check it out here!